We work directly with publishers in most territories except in East Asia, and parts of Southern and Eastern Europe where we work via local agencies on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis, using our long-term relationships with them to match the books to the right agent. On occasion we also work through local agents in the US.


East Asia:

  • China
  • Big Apple Agency
  • Indonesia
  • Big Apple Agency
  • Japan
  • The English Agency
  • Japan Uni Agency
  • Tuttle Mori Agency
  • Korea
  • Danny Hong Agency
  • KCC Agency
  • The Yang Agency
  • Mongolia
  • Big Apple Agency
  • Thailand
  • Silkroad Agency
  • Big Apple Agency
  • Taiwan
  • Big Apple Agency
  • Vietnam
  • Big Apple Agency

East and Southern Europe:

  • Albania, Bulgaria and Macedonia
  • Anthea Agency
  • Greece
  • JLM
  • Israel
  • Israeli Association of Book Publishers
  • Romania
  • Simona Kessler International Copyright Agency
  • Turkey
  • Akcali Copyright