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International literary expertise in licensing, live events, publishing & retail


We work directly with publishers in most territories except in East Asia, and parts of Southern and Eastern Europe where we work via local agencies on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis, using our long-term relationships with them to match the books to the right agent. On occasion we also work through local agents in the US.


East Asia:

  • China
  • Big Apple Agency
  • Indonesia
  • Big Apple Agency
  • Maxima Creative Agency
  • Japan
  • The English Agency
  • Japan Uni Agency
  • Tuttle Mori Agency
  • Korea
  • Danny Hong Agency
  • KCC Agency
  • The Yang Agency
  • Mongolia
  • Big Apple Agency
  • Thailand
  • Silkroad Agency
  • Big Apple Agency
  • Maxima Creative Agency
  • Taiwan
  • Big Apple Agency
  • Vietnam
  • Big Apple Agency
  • Maxima Creative Agency

East and Southern Europe:

  • Albania, Bulgaria and Macedonia
  • Anthea Agency
  • Greece
  • JLM
  • Israel
  • Israeli Association of Book Publishers
  • Romania
  • Simona Kessler International Copyright Agency
  • Turkey
  • Akcali Copyright
  • Kalem Agency

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