About the Author


Richard Seymour

Richard Seymour (born 1977) is a Northern Irish Marxist writer and broadcaster, activist and owner of the blog Lenin’s Tomb.

The author of The Liberal Defence of Murder and Against Austerity (Pluto Press), Seymour was born in Ballymena, Northern Ireland to a Protestant family, and currently lives in London. A former member of the Socialist Workers Party, he left the organisation in March 2013. He has completed a PhD in sociology at the London School of Economics under the supervision of Paul Gilroy. He has written for London Review of Books, ABC Australia, Al Jazeera, In These Times and other publications. Since September 2014, he has recorded a regular segment for TeleSur English programme, The World Today with Tariq Ali. He has appeared on the BBC and is regularly invited to speak overseas.

In March 2015, Seymour announced an appeal for a new socialist quarterly magazine, Salvage, which he co-founded as a contributing editor alongside art editor China Miéville, editor-in-chief Rosie Warren, and fellow contributing editors Charlotte Bence, Magpie Corvid, and Jamie Allinson. Among its contributors are Benjamin Kunkel, Laura Oldfield Ford, Karen Mirza, Alberto Toscano, Jordana Rosenberg, and Season Butler. The magazine’s slogans include, ‘Hope is precious – it must be rationed’.