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Wow. @djdaisyjohnson, whose writing I admire so, so much, said this about I Choose Elena today: “This book is both a howl of rage at this place we live and an open armed declaration of hope. I loved it.” I cannot express how much this means to me. Thank you so much, Daisy 💙

Daisy Johnson on Twitter

“If you read one book today let it be this. I read it in a long gulp, often in near tears, often experiencing flare ups of my own vaginismus. Th...

I’ve got an essay in @bookanista today called Write What You Want To Forget. It’s about trauma, memory, abuse, Maggie Nelson, and why we write. I would be so grateful if you could give it a read

‘Austerity is the idea that the global financial crash of 2008 was caused by there being too many libraries in Wolverhampton.’

Alexei Sayle on R4 last night.

A friend just found copies of I Choose Elena at Shakespeare and Company in Paris. I can’t believe they are stocking my book. This is a real pinch-myself moment.

It's finally happening!! @NK_Adjei and @colsonwhitehead are on stage together for the first time EVER, here in l'il ol' Holland. Live @borderkitchen in The Hague to talk about #DejongensvanNickel and #FridayBlack. @AtlasContact

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